Article: Semantics — What does data science reveal about Clinton and Trump?


Data science has many fields of applications. One of its applications, semantic analysis, is very helpful in social media monitoring. This article looks into the differences between Trump and Clinton’s speech, and analyses the reason why trump is more effective in reaching out to the public with fewer words

1. Trump thinks everything is “really” “great” and “nice”, and Clinton keeps talking about how to “work” “together” for “America”.

2. Trump talks about himself, Clinton talks about Trump. While Clinton uses a larger vocabulary and more complex sentence structures, it seems that she more or less adapted herself to Trump’s way of talking.

3. Obama’s nomination speeches (both of them) enjoyed a larger vocabulary and a significantly more intricate sentence structure suggests that Trump has disruptively simplified the national discourse.

Personal Insight

This is one of the more interesting study made by Natural Language Processing (NLP), where it is applied to study America’s political scene. We are able to analyse how speech plays a crucial role in capturing audience’s attention, and how patriotic and concise speeches are more impactful compared to fearmongering ones.

Source: Semantics — What does data science reveal about Clinton and Trump?

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