Article: Deepfake Videos Are Getting Scary Good


Deepfake is an artificial intelligence-based human image synthesis technique. Generally, what these programs do is examine the video of a subject frame by frame and “learn” the subject’s size and shape and movements so that they can be transferred to another subject on video.

The process of manipulating existing video, or creating a new video with false images, can be downright dangerous in the wrong hands. Some prominent actresses and entertainers had their faces stolen and weaved into porn videos in the most disturbing early examples of deepfakes. Using images to produce “fake news” is a very real possibility. With greater advances in artificial intelligence, the deepfake videos may become harder to police.

Personal Insight

Deepfake videos poses an ethical conundrum for the future developments of artificial intelligence and deep learning. New technologies make it easier to create false photo-videographic materials online. This can put prominent individuals in compromising positions, which could have a negative impact on their reputations.

Given the rise of Deepfake videos, the online community needs to be more critical about the things we see and read online and understand the sources that the materials come from. Likewise, artificial intelligence could also be used to determine if the online videos are digitally manipulated to verify the video’s authenticity

Source: Deepfake Videos Are Getting Scary Good

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